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February Already

And some lucky sub's and sissy's get to be unlocked, some, new and regular, start their term in chastity and training.

I have recently had the good fortune to have some lovely sub's to control and play with, and from the testimonials, it does seem they thoroughly enjoyed their time with me too.

Sometimes though, it is not all about chastity, training and forced feminisation, as much as it is about people finding themselves and accepting their nature, I am content when the result of our time is a new understanding of someone's real self.

I have read a lot lately about crossdressers and sissys, going through a cycle of guilt, and purging of their alter Ego's clothing and equipment. I urge you, do not do this, accept who you are, and your place in life, you cannot change it, and you will only make yourself guilty and depressed trying to reject it.

I hope you all stay safe during this terrible virus, and remember, remote locking and training is a very covid safe activity!


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