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Ladies - you need a maid


My experience has shown that there are many types of sissy maids. Some exist already, some men are easily converted. 

Once trained, and of course safely locked, they are obedient workers, who cook, clean, wash and serve, are trained to help dress and groom you, and of course provide any other "service" you require.

Many have other skills, sewing, DIY, IT, etc.

When in service you never have to pour a drink, clean, cook, run a bath, or do anything else other than what you would really like to spend your time doing.

Strict discipline ensures your highest standards are met. 

Sissies who already have cross-dressing tendencies are Ideal. They dress, fall into a submissive place, and get excited. Chastity stops them getting out of that submissive space, forces them to remain dressed and obedient long after they would have preferred to come out.

This becomes forced feminization, and you have a trapped sissy maid for as long as you desire.

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