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Your Chastity


There are lots of sissy maids and male submissives loose in the UK. Some are fortunate enough to have a Mistress, many are waiting for the supreme privilage of serving a superior.


In my opinion, this means there are are too many of you running around without female control.


My mission therefore is simple. Those that are not in service should be restrained. They should be locked in chastity, and their time should be spent preparing to devote themselves and proving their obedience to the superior sex.


Indeed, it would be better in many cases if I held your keys, until you are in service to a Mistress, and she can then apply to me for them.


I am offering a service to control your chastity, your submission, or if a sissy, your dressing, and to provide you with tasks to improve your obedience.

Sissy Mistress, chastity training

With devices that use a padlock, I will send a new lock...without key of course.

For devices with integral locks, you will need to acquire a metal money box or similar item that uses a hasp for a padlock. Under my supervision you will place your key in the box, and lock it with my padlock.

Many of my subs have acquired the "Dreamlover Chronovault"

( )

and assigned me control. This is a useful toy, as if you are selecting "training" from me I can also use it to lock keys away for periods of bondage too.

I have used a variety of lock boxes too, and other methods, we can discuss which is best for you.

I can also send a combination lock if required - although I consider this less secure.

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