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All BDSM practices require some thought about safety.


I want you locked. I want you firmly under my control, but it is not my intention for you to experience actual injury or severe pain.


In a critical medical emergency you will have to swallow your pride and attend a hospital. They will not be surprised. This applies especially if you choose my basic keyholding program, as I will not be able to get keys to you quickly. For overseas submissive's, who may be concerned at the time delay in receiving keys, a combination lock can be used as an alternative.


Attempting to cut the padlock off, or your chastity device could result in serious injury. DO NOT ATTEMPT IT. 


In all requests for emergency release I will expect a reason - desperately needing gratification is not an acceptable excuse! I will want to know what is wrong, why the device needs to come off, and possibly even photographic evidence.


All requests for removal will result in your immediate dismissal from the program and you will attract the penalties outlined in your contract.


Longer term chastity can be painful, sore, an d can result in rubbing that actually causes bleeding. to minimise this you should consider:


1)  Shave your genital area the day before you will be locked.

2)  Do not try to be brave in selecting a smaller ball ring. If this ring is too small your skin will fold/crease, and this will cause sores.

3)  Use a lubricant such as a baby oil around the ball ring area - NOT on the penis.

4)  Re-lube when washing.

5) DO NOT select a device with a Urethral insert. These are dangerous at the best of times and are really unsuitable for long term chastity.

6)  Wash your chastity as best you can daily.

7)  Coping strategy. You will get very aroused, no doubt you will want release. Find something to occupy yourself. 

8)  A common issue is early morning erections. Deal with it. It will be will live.


I accept no responsibility for your health. While I am concerned you do this safely, it is your choice to submit to this process.


Some other thoughts on safety:


Many submissive's complain about sores and chafing when in chastity, and this can especially apply to sissy maids who are wearing tight clothing over their devices.


The best advice is to lose those crushing girdles etc, but you may also want to consider lanacane, or bodyglide, two lubricants specifically designed to reduce rubbing and containing medicinal elements to sooth existing soreness.


There are also medicated talcum powders to aid soreness and to help ensure you are completely dry after cleaning.



Have a look at for information on comfort and sizing of your device.

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