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1 Hour session with Mistress Lola


Sessions with Mistress Lola

If you would like to experience a session with me, message me first as I am very selective in who I will deal with.


Preference will be given to people who enjoy the same kinks as me.

You may wish to combine this with handing me your chastity key as part of my keyholding service.

Please note that I only meet at events such as Devotion, Aftermath, Cirque, DDDD or Femme Evolution around the Midlands in the UK .


You would pay my entrance fee and a fee for my time.

Also note that a session with me will not include any sexual activity or nudity on my part.

Use the contact page for an initial message.

My tribute for this honour is £100 for 1 hour of my time at an event.

DO NOT "buy" this option, until you have messaged me, and I have agreed to both the session and event date.

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