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I am not cruel! I can vary your chastity to match your lifestyle needs, to allow you the freedom to go about your business.


Make no mistake though, you will be secured in chastity, and you will not be released until I decide.


With training you will be controlled, restrained and punished. I will expect proof of compliance.


If you are a submissive sissy, or are curious about forced feminisation, I am especially keen to program and train you to attend a Mistress.


When I do allow you to unlock, We will agree a time for you to do so, and on my intensive program, I may require you to unlock live with me on Skype.

sissy chastity keyholder

Basic Chastity



You will select a time period. One week, two, a month or indefinate, and offer me tribute by selecting the relevant Paypal button below. Once Payment is made, you will download and complete the contract from the contract page and email it to me.


You will need to own or purchase a chastity device. I will send you a padlock....without keys of course!

When you receive it you will immediately lock your device with my padlock and you will take a photo of yourself locked, and email me the picture.


I may decide to ask during your chastity period for further photos and you will respond within 1 hour.


At the end of your agreed chastity I will post you the keys. Bear in mind, these may take a day or two after your confinement to reach you. You may email me to beg release earlier. You will be wasting your time but I like to hear your pleas.


Should you wish to continue in chastity,, simply purchase a further period, and your keys will remain safe with me.

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7 Days Confinement


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14 Days Confinement


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30 Days Confinement


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Indefinate Confinement


Chastity and Submissive or Sissy Training


Opt to receive training during your chastity and you will as a submissive also obey my instructions and complete the tasks I shall set you during your confinement.


This regime wil lincude me regularly checking your status, forcing you to complete tasks, and obeying my every command. You will be controlled via Skype, texts and email.


Options include me being able to also restrain you for periods, and it is essential you complete your "Limits" section in the contract as I will be considering anything not listed! I will expect some days that you can allocate to being confined and under instruction all day.


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7 Days



14 Days



1 Month



Re-Locking Option


From experience, some submissives find they are so used to being locked after a period that receiving their keys, and the inevitable attempt at relief afterwards, leaves them feeling empty and no longer under control. Well - good news ! 


The padlock I sent you had at least two or three keys. Simply re-lock, dispose of the key completely, somewhere you can never retrieve it, and sign up below to a further period.


I can then send you another key when your next term completes.


Permanent Chastity


For those who now realise that their place is in permanent chastity, I can offer this service.

Not for the faint of heart.  You will be locked in permanent chastity and no amount of begging will persuade me to release you.  I may decide to allow you the occasional orgasm but don't get your hopes up.  You will need to know how to milk your prostrate regularly to keep things healthy.  Obviously, should you sustain any damage to the skin which becomes a medical issue you will be released to heal but I don't expect that to happen often!!!


The fee for this service is £315 per quarter.  I do not offer this with any additional training/bondage but I might decide to throw in the occasional task/punishment.  As with my other chastity sentences you will receive a daily inspection via Skype or if I have not been able to inspect you by 6.00 pm then you will need to send me a photo for verification.


This is obviously for someone who is experienced in chastity. You will own or acquire a strong steel chastity device, one that is of a cage construction for good hygiene and ventilation. 

No more self pleasuring, or thinking you have the right to pester superior women in the hope of gratifying your needs. You will stay locked.

For this to work well, and properly, I will urge you to provide information for "blackmail" purposes, so that I hold a threat over you for breaking your contract. I am very cautious with this control method, and have used it with several sub's who find it hard to resist breaking out of chastity. They all attest I am sensible with this process.


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Permanent Chastity £315 per quarter

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