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So far, I am half way thru a one month chastity contract with the very lovely if a tad cruel Mistress Lola, half way today in fact, maybe I need to celebrate. I took the plunge after chatting to her, she is a very keen player who listens and takes on board what you need from this and offered me various options to take my chastity forward.
It's has been a real roller coaster of emotional twists and turns but at the half way mark I am starting to be able to put a hold on my urges, to kerb the need to touch myself. The hardest part has been the early morning friskiness, those uncontrolled five am hard-ons, but two weeks in they have passed, the frustration has turned to compliance and I understand I will remain locked for two more weeks, Mistress has the key and certain leverage to ensure compliance, and she adopts a zero tolerance for pleading days off and early release, a deal is a deal.
The thing that still catches me out is the sitting down to wee, I have had one close call at the gym and earned a days early release by doing a certain task, there has been teasing on days where Mistress has thought I needed some pressure applied, and days when she has let me be.
On reflection I think maybe a month was a bridge too far, I was confident I could do it, there have been times of weakness, reflection, frustration and a certain joy knowing that half way through I can do this. If it's something you are thinking of doing be sure you can do the time, make sure your device is correct and comfy we are talking thirty days 24/7 and communicate with your keyholder, I think the communication is key here, oh and plenty of baby oil and earbuds.
Hope you enjoy your experience, thank you.


maid ali

Mistress Lola your training of me so far has been very interesting and exciting. 


* You have kept me dressed for longer periods than I am used to. And used periodic spot checks to keep me honest. This has been tremendously uncomfortable and I've loved it. I have found it so much easier to feel under the control of a mistress when I know she might check up on me at any time. Knowing that I can't just ignore your orders makes them seem more real, and me feel more like a submissive sissy. 

* Knowing  that you might check up on me at any time has also helped me do those tasks which I knew you wouldn't check on like the peg punishment last night. Somehow being under your orders all day made it less ok to skip that. 

* I have enjoyed talking with you. Even when we chatted while I was holding the tennis ball against the wall and chatting got me distracted. I felt a little annoyed with my self for losing concentration

* I didn't like the chains around my ankles, but they definitely made me remember what I was ( a sissy ) under your orders. Mopping the floors was not easy with them on though. I guess I liked the bondage but not the chains.  

* I appreciated that you listened to my concerns about my heels on the wooden floors, and other matters. 

* I was in absolute agony standing in my heels balancing that book on my head. After only a minute or so my thighs and calves were burning. But I wanted to pass your test so I held on longer than I thought I could. I love the feeling of serving and following my Mistress' orders. 


Generally Mistress, I have felt like you have been reasonably entertained by my efforts and this has made me feel good in a submissive way.  Feeling uncomfortable and suffering a bit to entertain Mistress is par for the course in serving. 


When I am just here dressed in my uniform waiting for you to check up on me it is easy to get bored, slip out of subs pace and feel like getting rid of my corset and relaxing. I try to do a chore or stand at attention for a few minutes when this happens. But I have felt very sissy and submissive whenever you have called Mistress. 


sissymaid alexis - Mistresses personal maid

Mistress Lola is a beautiful Goddess who has come to expect obedience and service as her right, and rightfully so.

Expect to obey unconditionally, no wriggling, always remember, Mistress is always right, her decision is final. Mistress Lola's training for submissives who accept her rule is very personal and focused, I know, many of her techniques were tried on me first! You will feel controlled with this programme, and pushed sometimes to the edge of your limits, but always with care and consideration.



Chastity training With Mistress Lola has been a positive experience for me in many ways. What I gathered from her website and fetlife profile is that she had everything well thought out, well understood and was personally committed to the lifestyle. Since then I have found all these things to be true.

No matter what Mistress Lola has had going on in her day she has always found time to check up on me and give me tasks to keep me busy. She has been very attentive, always listening to my thoughts on things (though of course she feels no obligation to go along with any of my ideas except on her own whim). She dominates on a personal, one to one level which I value greatly as I think a domme who is applying a cookie cutter to the situation and simply doing her job is nowhere near as enjoyable to interact with. It also has to be said she has a lovely voice and accent.Because of her approach I think that Mistress Lola has much to offer anybody who is interested in chastity and I can heartily recommend her from my own experience.

Prepare yourself.




got to pass on my greatest and kindest regards to mistress Lola for her time and patients with me in my week of being locked for humiliation, was the most amazing experience i have ever had, the feeling of being owned as hers for here pleasure and amusement was the biggest turn i could wish for, if your single unattached and wanting to explore your submissive side it is a must and the time and effort mistress Lola puts in is well worth the very reasonable fee she charges for your care, would recommend this service to every sub on the planet.




The beautiful Mistress Lola is currently holding my keys. I chose her "indefinite lockup" package, combined with blackmailing and a home fitness exercise regime. I want to break my personal chastity record that is 3 weeks and improve my physical fitness. Mistress Lola's indefinite lockup term means a minimum of 90 days, so this time I'm really in for some serious time in enforced chastity. This gives me plenty of motivation not to fail.

Mistress Lola is a very attentive and educated Mistress that will gently guide you into the depth of your submission. She does not tolerate laziness nor failure and will punish you for your own good. She is not cruel - she respects your limits and does not seriously harm you if you comply. However, she pushes your limits and forces you to do things that you normally wouldn't consider to do to yourself. She forces you to expand your boundaries and experience your secret desires and dreams. She has a lovely voice and you will love to obey her every command. At first I felt uncomfortable when I opened the video chat for the first time, but soon she made me feel comfortable and I began to trust her. My first punishment was humiliating, but I had earned it, so I accepted it and it made me happy that she was satisfied in the end and I had learnt my lesson.

Be careful what you wish for, because Mistress Lola will make it come true once you signed your contract. If you cannot abstain from masturbation, or if you have no self control, you should probably run away now. She will own and control your cock and strictly reduce your orgasms to zero. Prepare yourself when you close her lock on your chastity belt. There is no early out, only submission under her artful reign.










sissy maid lisbeth

This is my fifth day in chastity to Mistress Lora. It has been eventful days, fulfilling all my expectations. She has inspected my device each day on Skype and has given me various tasks to make me become a better sissy maid. She has seen many things badly in need of improvement, and has had me starting working on some of them.
Mistress Lola has kept me constantly aware of being in chastity, and She has day by day made me feel more and more as a sissy maid, though it is a long way for me to go.
Mistress Lola has had an electric pulse device on my CB 6000S at Her disposal, for summoning me or punish me. It is my impression that She has enjoyed using it. The effect on me has been amazing, always on my toes, and running when summoned.
It is only two days left of my lock up period, and I know I will be relieved when I receive the key. But I also know that I will want to be back under Mistress Lola’s control, for more lock-up, more sissy maid training and maybe some zapps too.
She is a strict Mistress, but also a very pleasant person to be in contact with.
By the way, She has leashed me to the PC by the zapping device now.



Mistress Lola has "taken care of me" for two weeks. Two weeks full of fun. 


Mistress Lola is sexy, intelligent and she has great personality. It was real BDSM pleasure to submit to her, but if you are planning on doing the same, you should know that If you disobey her, you will get punished and some of her punishments can be really harsh, so my advice, LISTEN AND OBEY. It is all flowers and butterflies when you play by the rules, but Mistress will check on you on every day and if you dont listen to her, you will get punished.

Mistress Lola is also great listener. While being under her control, she will try to know you and she will adapt her training programme to yuor personality, kind of. To some degree of course. You will still have to to what she wants you to do, so you better describe your hard limits BEFORE she locks you. 

Long story short: If you ever had chastity dream, Mistress Lola is definitely my recommendation to go for it.


Mistress Lola is a very nice person, I know this because I was privileged to meet Her at the "Devotion" event at Xstasia Club recently. Sadly I was there for the first time, a bit nervous so I didn't stay as long as I should have done. Next time I will be there till closing time! Before this I had signed up for a period of keyholding with Her, but it was obvious from the exchange of messages that there was a " certain something" and a friendly relationship of some kind would ensue.Being locked does obviously restrict the nature of the relationship, particularly as it is online. So I enjoyed meeting Her at this event and I hope to repeat the experience soon. Mistress Lola likes to stretch limits, and has done so successfully with me. It is easy to start by saying that certain things are off limits, but it is surprising how She can change minds, and in the nicest possible manner. Mistress Lola is just about to release me from 6 weeks of chastity, but after the forthcoming week's break I am looking forward to resuming the relationship.



I have never used a keyholding service before, so I was very excited to be locked for the first time. I have currently spent 18 days under her firm control, and I have loved every single moment of frustration.

I have found the longer I stay chaste the more submissive and aroused I feel. It has definitely been a wonderful experience, and I will return for more without doubt. I hope to stay locked for even longer periods of time, to show my dedication and commitment to the far fairer sex.

I would highly recommend anyone seeking a wonderful keyholding service, to contact Mistress Lola to begin your life as a chaste male.

Thank you very much Mistress Lola !


I’m about to complete my first period of control with Mistress Lola.
It has been a long demanding 4 days period which will be followed soon by 3 more days.
I have been kept in chastity for more than 72 hours and i was continuously under supervision and control, i felt Her presence every minute of the day as my chastity was reminding me my conditions.
Every day i had to go under a bondage scenario which was increasingly demanding and i lie that as i strongly strongly believe that a proper slave should never ever have a choice to choose his/her fate.
Only Mistress Lola can decide that.
I would strongly recommend Mistress Lola to any slave who wants to achieve a real form of submission, control and be seriously dominated.
I never tried to cheat with Mistress Lola and i would not do it as i learnt very quickly that She has many ideas and way to make you regret for even thinking about.
I’m now writing, sitting in chains in a comfortable position but having been chained hands,feet and hands to the feet, naked with only a sissy pink panties on my body, i really feel the desire to be unchained but at the same time i don’t want Mistress Lola to release me unless She feel so.
I love the skype spot checks of Mistress Lola, at the beginning i was quite shy to do it but She is very serious and respectful of your privacy and personal life.
I think i’m already addicted to Her and i will need to consider the option to be under Her control continuously, with my only problem being chastity, as every Mistress i met before told me i’m too big for any off the shelf chastity cage and i need a customized one.
Thank you Mistress Lola for making me feel powerless and totally enslaved to You.
Now i know that my only good use for me is to be in chains for You and Your pleasure.
I don’t know if i will be able to be locked back up in chastity for the next period as i need to heal from the bruises of the last 72 hours locked
In this case, i know, and by saying that i don’t want to make a suggestion, because Mistress Lola You definitely don’t need that, that Mistress Lola will raise the level of bondage.
What a wonderful experience so far Thank You Mistress Lola


I have been in chastity and training for the last 4 month and Mistress Lola has kept things interesting all the way. She slowly feminised me though the time I spent with her while respecting my limits. But I did not expect anything else

This last 4 month is either the third or the 4th time I have been locked by Mistress Lola but it will not be the last. It was the first time we used the dream lover 2000 pro male management system however she kept the times I was locked before interesting and during those times trust was built to the point I knew using such a system with her was safe and that she would not abuse the direct control it gave her I was correct in this but she most certainly did use it to keep me to the agreed rules.

Mistress Lola is a fantastic Mistress and look forward to playing again with her in the future i would recommend anyone looking for a online Mistress to give it a go I have had both short and long term chastity contracts with her and she has never disappointed.



I've been lucky enough to meet Mistress Lola on several occasions now. Every time she has a warm and glowing smile that lures you in and makes you want to try your best for her. To try your best to be the perfect sub and reach your boundaries and go beyond. To be placed over a bench by Mistress Lola is an exciting experience because once you're there she will open her bag of tricks and before your eyes pull out an array of implements to punish you with. Floggers, whips, paddles with different textures, small whippy canes and more. Mistress has always been kind enough to start gently with a flogger but I dare say she could do the opposite if she felt you deserved it. Mistress builds up the pace and velocity gradually and very expertly knows when to pause, where to strike and when to switch tools.

The last time I saw Mistress she made my bottom glow perfectly. Every few minutes she checked in with me to make sure I was okay. It's not just that she's kind enough to do that but it's how. She bends over so her lips are right at your ear and very gently whispers and all the time gently stroking and soothing your glowing derriere with her beautifully manicured nails. It's a very sensual and sensory experience too. Mistress Lola loves to be tactile. I wear hold ups and she always uses her floggers to heighten the sensation by stroking it over my legs and then she'll use her very gentle hands to tease and tantalise me through my stockings before starting to strike me again. I always try to go beyond my limits for her as she has a natural calmness and ability to make me want to please her.
Mistress Lola is a beautiful and warm and thoughtful person who should be treated with care and respect at all times and be warned, she knows what she's doing.

Best wishes, Chloe xxx


I know it was only a few days in chastity but Mistress Lola has been amazing. She understood when it got too difficult and helped me through it. Also, I have a bad habit of getting myself wound up of which she took full advantage in punishing me and making me even more horny. A true mind f*ck at its best.
Been told to work from home now till told otherwise. Thinking I should sign up for a week of with submissive/sissy training. Just hope I can handle it.

Sissy Missy

i spent almost a whole month in chastity under the strict control of Mistress Lola. It’s was my first experience regarding an online submission and i had a little fear about performing for someone who could see me. But i decided, even after reading the good reviews, to take the big step. And i have to say that i was not at all disappointed. Already from the initial meeting via skype video call i found in front of me a very qualified and engaging person who immediately put me on ease. After hearing HER voice i immediately feel more relaxed. The online locking of my chastity cage was an incredible experience and as soon as the keys were secured i realised that i was now in HER control and i was very thrilled but happy that i could finally live my dream. Mistress Lola is always respectful of your privacy and your family situation. She respects your hard limits but you must tell her first of your locking. She’s a very fair Mistress who shows HER appreciation if you are doing well but if you fail in something or don’t obey her commands can be very cruel. So be careful and don’t be fooled by HER beautiful and affable voice. HER punishments are very varied and remain carved in your mind so that you are not wrong again. I really appreciate that Mistress Lola always find time to control or chat with me. I really felt controlled and like HER property Now my experience is about to end (only 4 days to finish the month in chastity) but i miss her yet and i’ll fell empty without HER daily supervision. After summer i’m thinking on be under permanent chastity with HER (that means at least 4 months locked). To conclude i surely would recommend Mistress Lola to anyone who wants to have a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Thank You Mistress Lola for let me be at your service.


I still owe you a little feedback for you website I think.

Mistress Lola is an excellent keyholder for the un-owned sub. It is way better to subscribe to her chastity training than to remain free and rampant. Wearing a chastity belt needs training and a good sub should be trained as good and as frequently as possible. A self-lockup is futile because frustration and desire will always lead to failure, only an experienced keyholder can help to control the submissive's behaviour and ultimately improve it. Mistress Lola is exactly that. Begging and pleading gets you nowhere, she will enforce your contract and bespoken rules. As a submissive you can finally make the progress you need and that is very good.

When a man feels submissive and asks a Mistress for training, he tends to wish for his secret desires to come true. The problem is that all motivation to make it happen fades soon after orgasm. For that reason the orgasm must be denied. This is exactly why chastity training is very reasonable and healthy for submissive's. Mistress Lola is a very good keyholder to ensure that fantasy becomes a reality and weak moments cannot interfere once the lock is closed. Weak males need a strong Mistress. Weak slaves need a strict keyholder. Choose Mistress Lola to control your keys and you will not be disappointed.


I have just finished a week of basic training where I have been locked in the chastity of Mistress Lola. I can certainly only say positive things about it  and I can very clearly and warmly recommend her.

Mistress Lola is so definitely a very kind Mistress to talk to. But I am so absolutely also very sure that she with 110% certainty knows where to place a disobedient slave in his place. I can even be the curious type. I have never been in doubt that she always has the last word and is always right.

When you choose to be locked in chastity by Mistress Lola  you can be absolutely sure that she will never forget your daily check of your chastity cage. Mistress hates cheaters. Therefore, she  does this so that she can be sure that the man she has in chastity is ALWAYS very safely locked up in his chastity cage.

I have known for a very long time that I have a crossdresser side inside me. I just never had the courage to do it fully, even though I have both high heeled boots, panties, nylon stockings as well as a body slimmer. Mistress Lola has, with the help of small tasks she has given me, helped me open my crossdresser page. The tasks that Mistress Lola gave me were to buy a lipstick and pink panties. Before I started with Mistress Lola, I had plans to buy a skirt and a bodystocking. I was encouraged to do so by Mistress Lola. Mistress Lola has also from time to time during the week ordered me into  forced feminization. I can only say that i have felt comfortable and very safe under her dominance.

To have been locked in chastity for a week, without having been able to masturbate or being able to play with myself at all. The feeling of being in chastity and locked, has without a doubt made me much more open up my feminine side and my desire to crossdress and my desire to be in women's clothing has also increased.

I can only say that the week I have been through with mistress Lola has been a great and very positive experience for me. Being locked in chastity by Mistress Lola has helped me get started on a new and exciting journey with my crossdresser side.

Are you sitting out there as a man and would like to experience being locked in chastity by true Mistress for your first time. Then I can only very clearly encourage you to contact Mistress Lola. You are guaranteed to have a positive experience for life.


At the moment i am at the end of my second lockup period with the wonderful Mistress Lola.
In the first period the training was about basic sissy skills, wich is exactly what this sissy needed as she is very inexperienced.
When the second period started i expected more of the same.
i could not be more wrong.

Mistress Lola had obviously spent Her time well preparing for this period.

Soon after the lockup I was started on cock sucking practice.
i sucked that dildo like the shameless slut i am under Mistress Lola's supervision.
After a couple of sessions Mistress Lola instructed me to set up my fucking machine as I was to expand my dildo training to be a two way thing.
The short story is that i started up with 2 minutes, but am now able to take a 10 minute fucking.
I am so proud, and Mistress Lola is very pleased with my progress.

Apart from my training it has been two wonderful weeks under the control of Mistress Lola.
I have stayed dressed the whole time and it has done wonders for strengthening my sissy personality.

I highly recommend Mistress Lola's services.
She is a kind and caring Mistress, and a thrill to chat with about anything.
I believe that is why i feel so safe when under Her control.
I feel i have grown both as a person as well as a sissy since i got to know Her.

Slut Zoe

Zoe's life-changing experience with Mistress Lola

Zoe had a slutty tendency for most of her life - in the beginning in her male form and life as a vanilla man, over time getting into the BDSM and fetish scene, trying out crossdressing and switching.

There was always a thing missing - a strict Mistress to control her chastity, and to lead the way and push her for her crossdressing interests.

Zoe found the website of Mistress Lola by accident, it might have been on one of the chastity forums she visited.

Getting into contact was a first step, Zoe was unsure if Mistress Lola was offering her trainings at all due to Covid-19. The happier she was when she got an email a day later, followed by a call and a lot of clarifications for Zoe's situation and even her private topics.

An agreement was made, both understanding Zoe was on her way to find out her real "her".

Over the course of 2 weeks Mistress pushed Zoe to expand her limits, understand herself better, all done in a strict but caring way.

Mistress Lola is a rare diamond of a Mistress, with a big heart in the right place, clearly enjoying what she does, creative and cruel, demanding and supporting.

Zoe is proud to have found a friend and mentor in Mistress Lola, will always value that friendship, and can fully recommend anyone considering a keyholding or sissy training Mistress to contact her.

Mistress helped Zoe to fully understand her future way in life, made her realize that she (and he) is mainly a slut - in the male and in the female role. Being a sissy is not in Zoe's nature, enjoying to crossdress is.

Again thank you Mistress for all of your time, dedication and support,

a very happy slut.

Slave T

I've had the pleasure of several chastity sessions with Mistress Lola over the last 2 years.  She has gradually increased my chaste duration, from one week, to three, to two months, and so on.  She put me into "indefinite" chastity last year.  Which meant any unlocks, and the duration of freedom, and when I was locked again were all up to Her.  She has been very generous with my unlocks, but you should not doubt how strict She will be.  I gave Her a blackmail contact at the beginning of my indefinite chastity, and She has used it to keep me locked off-and-on for 6 months.  Recently, She decided that I was ready for permanent chastity.  I was not sure I was ready for it, but She informed me that it was not up to me.  She thinks I can handle it, and Her word is final.  She truly enjoys what She does, and it shows in O/our conversations.  If you are respectful of Her time, She will be respectful of yours. She will make your balls ache, and you will thank Her for it.


A word on blackmail:  She will only use it to further your training.  I can personally verify that She only uses it to guarantee Her control over you.  However, be warned.  It is serious.  She absolutely will use it to train and control you.  There will be no weaseling out.  So, be absolutely sure you are ready to commit yourself to Her dominance.  She has respected my boundaries, but you must discuss those with Her in advance.  Otherwise, everything is on the table: forced long-term chastity, forced feminization, sissification, even permanent chastity...  Anything that amuses Her.


I have just come to the end of my second two week contract with Mistress Lola and it has flown by...  This time it was for chastity and sissy training and Mistress was very kind and understanding at the beginning when I hit a few snags with daytime feminisation, she kindly restructured the approach and the two weeks have been very enjoyable and especially for me enlightening about Mistress's authority....   The decision will be made on my behalf as the contract ends tomorrow morning whether I have earned a short break, but I have already been informed that chastity is in my future, and confiscated male underwear and socks will remain as such...  I have had distance keyholders in the past but Mistress Lola takes it to another level so be sure it is what you want while you still have control and relish the opportunity to serve such a lovely Lady..

Tiffani the slut

Mistress Lola has just had me under her chastity control for a few days, and i have to say that She is a fantastic dominatrix.  Her voice and Her instructions are somehow hypnotic- Her use of Skype is excellent.

Mistress Lola managed to fit me in to her busy schedule at the last minute, and contacted me quite late at night- i was pleased to hear from Her as I suddenly had some spare time.

Mistress Lola got me locked up in chastity, and then controlled me.  Mistress Lola 'got me' straight away, and along with the bondage and gagging, went straight  for the kinkiest thing on my list.  And She clearly enjoyed watching me squirm for Her amusement.

Mistress Lola is a no-nonsense Mistress, who takes immediate charge of you- after all, She is controlling your prize possession, so you have to obey......  

Beware, Mistress Lola will get inside You head.

My first experience of a wonderful Lady that certainly exceeded my expectations; but certainly not my last.


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