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As part of the process of being my locked submissive, you will sign a contract.


This will bind you to following my rules, carrying out my instructions, and there would be penalties should you disobey.


These will vary depending on which parts of the contract you complete, but can result in total ruin, so beware.


You must be prepared to respond to my messages immediately, to carry out any instructions I issue and provide proof of compliance, and you will be required to perform up to your expressed limits.




It is binding.

Mistress Lola



Download the contract below.


Email me FIRST. I need to know where in the world you are, and whether you require basic locking or training  before we begin. I am extremely busy, and with time differences, I need to manage international submissives carefully.

Complete the contract and mail it to me, after we have exchanged emails, and I am happy to take you on, select your option from the MENU page and pay.


Then...wait.... Mistress will be in touch!

The Contract
Mistress Lola

My own sissy maid under lock.

"Her" Comment.

"As Mistresses controlled sissy I am subject 24/7 to her forced feminization demands and am kept securely locked. Please be aware begging wont help, Mistress will only unlock you when she is ready, and on her terms."


As of 2020, my sissy maid is now reduced to a very sturdy steel "nub" chastity device. This has restricted her so much that her already tiny member has now almost vanished. She has no sensation or arousal at all in this device.

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