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A few extra pictures

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice a few new photographs in my gallery today. These show my new custom made, full leather dress.

My own sissified maid suffered a major frustration this morning, when I followed her into the bathroom and unlocked her device. Her frustration came when she discovered it was only to allow her a quick and thorough cleaning, before immediately being locked in her tiniest steel nub again. This device is heavy and solid steel, with the tiniest of pee slits, and the weight turns her tiny sissy balls blue. She can feel nothing in this device, with not even the slightest room for growth or expansion, and any excitement just results in an endless dribble. Luckily for her, her diaper, plastic pants and girdle support the weight when she is properly attired in her maids uniform for the day.

The diapers are a lovely threat, she could at any time have toilet privileges removed should my needs be inconvenienced by her needing a toilet break.

A quiet day today, and as I often do, I find myself dwelling on the several submissive males and sissies all over the world at this moment, who are safely locked away at my command, and indeed those now permanently locked by me. Very satisfying.

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