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Difficult year for us all

None of us would have foreseen the events of this year, and the awful toll it has taken on many families and friends. My sympathies go out to all those affected.

Of course it has also meant that many fetish events in the UK have been cancelled, and a lot of bottoms have escaped my attentions.

Personally I am very wary of the current wave of events tentatively re-opening, but I do hope as things progress, that I will be able to again attend and and am itching to resume the fun.

Meanwhile of course the lock-down has seen an increase in submissive's who need locking up at home, so I have been kept very busy.

Some of you will have seen the photo's of my own sissy maid's new device, she hates it ! It reduces her to a mere stub, and she has no feeling at all, and no expansion. These nub devices are excellent for my purposes, however in the hotter weather I have relented to allow a short cage device instead, as the sold nub can get very hot.

I hope you are all staying safe and well, and also that you will sign up for at least my basic chastity package to keep those wandering hands under control!


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