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Always busy controlling submissives

I have been very busy over the past few weeks. I find that the maximum number of chastity customers I can take at a time, who opt for training as well as locking, is four. Otherwise I cannot devote enough attention to them. It takes a lot of thought and preparation to ensure that I can "tune in" to a particular submissive.

I have also been attending events, my own sissy maid attending to aid with service and support, while I happily "correct" the attitudes of several slaves.

Of course with the current virus situation, many events are being cancelled, which is sad, but understandable, so I have been increasing my online activity with subs.

My own sissy's chastity regime continues, with, over the last six months or so, devices decreasing in size. I prefer solid steel devices, and after two progressively smaller ones, I reduced her to a steel "nub" with integral lock. Unfortunately the training to go down to this size may have needed to be longer as it did cause a few sores. She is now back in her still tiny second smallest device, which I will leave longer this time before again reducing to the nub. I love this new device, it really traps the testicles completely, and the tube is so tiny, that the appendage disappears into the testicle flesh, she has no ability to expand or lengthen and can feel nothing. I will get her to a state where it can be worn without a sore, and when I do it will become her new permanent fixture. I always insist she also wear a butt plug, and my thinking is that this too should now become lockable. she will have to ask for the keys whenever she has natural needs, delightful.

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