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Sub chastity management with Chronovault

For those that have not yet come across the "dream-Lover" Chronovault, this is a fantastic device for Mistresses to remotely manage the keys to a chastity slave! Indeed it can even be opened and other keys added for restraints while the sub is under supervision. This means during "training" lock-up's I can actually imprison the sub, lock them in chains etc, for any duration I choose.

The system is simple. The sub connects the Chronovault to a computer, grants the Mistress remote access rights to the software online, and she then determines when the lid of the device opens or closes.

Quite a few of my chastity slaves have purchased this now, and I must say that for extending lockup's, emergency releases and remote bondage, it is an effective control tool.

There is a link to the makers on my "links" page, well worth a look for those who may require this kind of remote control, and certainly if you are considering long term locking or extending periods.

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