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Imprisonment Day

The lovely Lady Celine has invited me to be her guest Domme at her imprisonment day, to be held at the Facility in Walsall on the 6th February.

This is a day where Lady Celine and I will gather a select group of prisoners, for harsh prison treatment at the hands of us both, the guards. This is not a sissy event, strictly imprisonment.

There are only one or two places left, but should you wish to attend, contact me, and I will forward your details to Lady Celine for consideration. You can of course find us both on Fetlife too.

If you wish, I can combine this for anyone requiring locking in chasity, supervising their locking on the day....and of course I keep the keys. Once accepted for the event by Lady Celine, just select the package you require on this website, pay via Paypal, and I will lock you on the day.


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