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Starting my Blog

Well, a lot of followers, both on Fetlife and here on my website, are asking what happens in my daily life, and what draws my interest in my life as a Mistress. So, I have decided to start this blog.

Sitting back with a glass of wine at the moment, served by my sissy maid "alexis". She has not been in the mood to serve, due to various stresses right now, but a Mistress knows best. She is dressed in her pink maids outfit, corset, stockings, pink high heels and of course securely in chastity, and has just cooked and served me a wonderful meal. I have retired to the living room with wine, while she attends the kitchen. A long spell in bondage should make her realise that she can do nothing about her stresses when Mistress decides otherwise. I have some new mittens to try on her this evening, as she is a bit of an escapologist.

One of my current chastity slaves, "Darius" is nearing the end of his contracted terms, and I do believe is drifting into subspace a little this evening. Probably someting to do with the fact that I have him securley locked, handcuffed, and with chile sauce in his device as an incentive to pay closer attention, as he failed to complete his daily diary for me on time.

He is one of the lucky ones, as I shall be releasing him tomorrow at the BBB, some poor souls, especially those on indefinate term, are facing Christmas securely locked! Always look forward to events, such as the BBB, as it gives my caning arm some exercise!

I am currently trawling through some of the new submissions for my chastity and training services, deciding on suitable sissies and subs for my attention, picking those that will be subject to my will over the coming weeks.

Mistress Lola XXX

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